Scientific Beekeeping
Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus
Acute Bee Paralysis Virus Complex
Virus X
Virus Y
Spring disease, may be triggered by confinment
Deformed Wing Virus Type A
Filamentous Virus
Virus linked to Varroa infestation
Slow Bee Paralysis Virus
Cloudy Wing Virus
Black Queen Cell Virus
No vector borne transmission identified
Manage by controlling Malpighamoeba mellificae
Manage by controlling Nosema apis
n.b. All viruses have been found in bees without those bees showing any overt symptoms of disease.
Lake Sinai Virus 2
Lake Sinai Virus 1
A Diverse Range of Novel RNA Viruses in Geographically Distinct Honey Bee Populations
Standard methods for virus research in Apis mellifera
Viral infections of Apis mellifera: Its importance, dynamics, diagnostics and treatment opportunities
Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus
Kashmir Bee Virus Disease
Sacbrood Virus
The Buzz about Honey Bee Viruses
Kakugo Virus
Deformed Wing Virus Type B was known as
Varroa Destructor Virus 1
Deformed Wing Virus Type C