In response to consumer and beekeeper demand we are producing an app that will put artisan producers, like you and I, in contact with people that want their families to consume honey that has been produced locally and is of known provenance. If you buy in honey to satisfy your regular customers this app will not be suitable for you to use.. Your honey has its place as does ours.

I have found a source of assistance and I apologise that I have not produced the final app to date.

This is an old fashioned idea. I wish to use trust and the notion that if you tell me you do not buy in honey (even from your neighbour) I will take your word for it. People are amazed when they buy local honey for the first time and wonder what on earth they had been eating when previously they bought their honey from a store or supermarket. I will encourage purchasers to give feedback about the honey they purchase.

My plan is to have a page where the producers of honey can register what they have available. This will be updatable. Then when the potential purchaser wishes to buy he can search by town or postcode / zipcode for a local beekeeper. You the beekeeper can choose to use email or mobile phone as your contact method. This data will be stored securely. We have strict data protection laws in the UK.
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