Fertisation (or not)
Scientific Beekeeping
Female Reproductive System
Male Reproductive System
Honey Bees have a haplo - diploid reproctive system. workers and queens are the result of fetilised (diploid) eggs and the drones from unfertilised haploid eggs.

The queen decides which she will lay when she examines the cell for size with her front legs. Unfertilised drone eggs are released into the larger cells (4 cells to the inch, approximately 5mm wide). When placing an egg into a worker cell (5 to the inch approximately 4mm wide) the queen releases a sperm from the spermatheca as the egg moves through the median oviduct. The spermatheca has a spermathecal gland with a duct from which the sperm emerge. Bresslau's pump controls the outflow of sperm into the oviduct. It is likely that more than one sperm is available for each egg.
Carrick, Journal of Apicultural Research