Wax Moth
Drawn frames are a valuable resource and they must be protected from wax moths.

Wax moths can decimate a hive. The answer as with other insect foes is to keep colonies strong and healthy.

Scientific Beekeeping
A hive destroyed by wax moth
(from Lancashire Beekeepers)
Lesser Wax Moth, Achroia grisella
(from Lancashire Beekeepers)
Storage of frames starts with freezing frames if there is any chance of moth eggs or larvae already being present.

The frames should then be stored and sealed to prevent a new infestation.

Alternative treatments are fumigation using 80% Acetic acid (very corrosive, destroys concrete use appropriate PPE) or by using Certan: B401. The latter is a biological control method containing Bacillus thuringiensis. It is naturally occurring bacteria but has raised some ecological concerns when used as an insecticide.
Genetically engineered (modified) crops (Bacillus thuringiensis crops) and the world controversy on their safety
Robin McLeod
Greater Wax Moth
Galleria mellonella