The Asian Hornet requires a page of its own. It was accidentally imported into France and since then has decimated honey bee colonies thought that country. It has been found sporadically in the UK but it seems only a matter of time before it becomes established. Other countries can learn from France's failures to manage this pest.

The UK has a very proactive approach to sightings of Vespa velutina. They become apparent in late summer and autumn when their huge nests can be found. Each nest can issue 200 new queens for the following year so it will reproduce exponentially.
Vespa velutina
Vespa velutina
This book describes the natural history of the Asian Hornet. It does not pretend to provide solutions.
Scientific Beekeeping
It has been reported that Honeybees produce piping sounds or 'hisses' when hornets (Vespa crabro)are around, also described as 'shimmering' Baracchi et al., 2010. Could this be part of a defense mechanism against the Asian Hornet?
Defence reactions of Apis mellifera ligustica against attacks from the European hornet Vespa crabro