Small Hive Beetle: Aethina tumida
Small Hive Beetle has been present in the USA for a number of years. In Europe it has so far been confined to southern Italy. It is essential that we in the UK maintain a lookout for this pest. If it is encountered you must apply a standstill on your apiary and notify your local bee inspector.

Scurrying beetles may be seen inside the roof of a hive. Mature beetles lay their eggs in the cells and the larvae leave the hive to pupate underground, taking 3-4 weeks. The emerging mature beetle can fly many miles to lay her eggs.

An excellent article from the University of Arkansas on the management of SHB is also offered for download opposite.

The recent updates from Italy re Small Hive Beetle are no longer available through the normal channels.
Scientific Beekeeping
How to slow the global spread of small hive beetle (Aethina tumida)