Female Reproductive Anatomy
Queen honey bees emerge from their cell 15-16 days from the time the egg was first laid. The normal temperature is 35c in the brood area but it can vary and if it is half a degree cooler it may take the full 16 days and if it is warmer the queen may emerge sharp at 15 days. It will take another week until she is fully mature and ready to mate.

At first she will take a couple of quick flights to learn the position of her home. Each time she returns she may be met by guard bees displaying their nasanov glands to help her find her colony. When she returns from a mating flight they may well remove the mating sign, the remains of the last drone's sex organs.
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Lateral View of the Abdomen of the Queen Honey Bee
Dorsal View of the Abdomen of the Queen Honey Bee