Communication in the Honey Bee
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Chemical Communication in the Honey Bee Society.
We are far from understanding in full how honey bees communicate. It is complex and to date we have only identified taste, smell, (with incomplete understanding), movement, "hearing", touch, sight and sound.

Wikipaedia is good starting point if you search for "pheromones of the honey bee". Pheromones are used in both the taste and smell pathways.

To be perfectly honest there have been no recent books that cover the up to date knowledge of the pheromones of the honey bee. I sat an exam on communication and had to read very widely to pull together the facts.

In the meantime I have no hesitation in recommending the books by Tom Seeley, links to which can be found on the right. He has spent a lifetime studying the behaviour of bees both in hives and in their natural environment.
Communication Between Queens
Communication through Movement
Communication through Pheromones