Nervous System of the Honey Bee
Scientific Beekeeping
Scientific Beekeeping
Antennal Lobe of the brain
Optic Lobe of the brain
Suboesphageal ganglion
Prothoracic ganglion
4th Abdominal Segment Ganglion
5th Abdominal Segment Ganglion
6th Abdominal Segment Ganglion
Terminal or 7th Abdominal Ganglion A7, A8, A9, A10 ganglia fused together
Nervous System of the Honey Bee
Scientific Beekeeping
Fused ganglia of second and third thoracic segments and first and second abdominal segments.
3rd Abdominal Segment Ganglion
The nervous system in insects is different from that in mammals in a fundamental way. Instead of the control centre being within the head it is shared with the ganglia found at several points in the thorax and abdomen. Indeed if you remove the head from a living bee it will still be able to sting you for a few seconds.

Like mammals the honey bee has an endocrine system which can influence the nervous system