American Foulbrood
AFB is probably the most feared bee disease. Certainly in the UK any colony found to have AFB will be destroyed along with the equipment by incineration.

The photo on the right shows many of the diagnostic elements of AFB:

🐝 Greasy Looking

🐝"Goo' to be tested for stringing

🐝 Dark looking cappings due to diseased pupae below.

🐝 Perforated cappings, where the nurse bees realise the cell is diseased and try to sort it out.

🐝 Dried scale

🐝 Sunken cell
Scientific Beekeeping
Larval Tongue
pathognomonic for AFB. The extremity of the pupal mouth is stuck to the roof of the cell. The body is darkened through disease.

The larval body would probably "string" (see below).
Scale left in the gravitational bottom of the cell. This scale cannot be removed by the nurse bees or the beekeeper. (In comparison EFB scale is removable).
The effect of stirring an AFB contaminated cell and then drawing out the resultant "goo". A string is produced of 2cms plus.
With thanks to SASA Scotland
With thanks to SASA Scotland
The overall apprearance of a diseased frame with AFB.
The first-ever in­sect vac­cine Prime­BEE helps bees stay healthy (not full report)