Welcome, you are here because you want scientific information and not hearsay and old wives tales about honey bees and beekeeping practice.

This website will provide some general information along with reliable peer reviewed scientific resources. It will also point you to reliable governmental resources from around the world that may help you find a solution to your query. Additionally there are a number links to recommended books or websites. If you ever want to question anything on this website please email your query. We don't pretend to know everything or be infallible.

Many things have not been tested at a level at which a good scientific approach has been used, so you will find gaps.

Throughout this website you will find links to competent advice about beekeeping matters. This website will not be populated overnight but gradually over time. I have prioritised Pests and Disease.

There are also some interesting facts about bee products that may be news to you. The Bee Products section will be populated with sound advice and references over time.
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Textured Hive Interiors Increase Honey Bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae) Propolis–Hoarding Behavior
With the early spring examination for disease occurring soon in the northern hemisphere and the late autumn examination for disease coming up in the southern hemisphere soon, how good is your disease identification?
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