Scientific Beekeeping
Welcome to the home page of Scientific Beekeeping and congratulations on wishing to know facts about bees and beekeeping. This is an ongoing project and mostly generated out of the beekeeping season. Anyone who finds anything that they feel is incorrect please feel free to challenge me. I will either reference my source or review what has been stated and edit the page accordingly. I am only interested in fact not opinion. Because of this "Beekeeping Best Practice" will be very difficult to populate. There has ben very little research in this area mainly because there are so many variables that it is difficult to do. I shall complete that section last. There are one or two excellent links.
Scientific Beekeeping
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Communication in Honey Bees
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Best Practice
Some books to get you started. You will find books related to the subjects being discussed on most pages. All books are available from Northern Bee Books, wherever you are in the world. I had recommended using Amazon before but they are often more expensive.
2nd Edition out now
Essential beginners' book
Brilliant book for pests and disease
A little more advanced beekeeping